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Earn benefit points by making your reservation through our official website or directly at the hotel.

the b win Program


  • 5% redemption of your room rate.
  • Available at all “the b” hotels in Japan.
  • Sign up for your membership card at the front desk for free.
  • Benefits apply only if room reservation has been made through
     ”” / “


Earn point Use point


  • If you spend ¥10,000 during your stay, you will receive 500 points.
  • You can use these points as ¥500 during your next stay.


Points can only be earned and redeemed for reservations
made through our official website and directly at the hotel.


Privacy Policy

The data provided by our guests to sign up for “the b win” program will only be used for the program and will be securely kept under the exclusive privacy of Ishin Hotels Group and it will not be shared with any third party.

For more detail about the privacy policy, please access to the below link on our website.




Can I sign up on your website?
Not at this point. We are currently taking applications at front desk exclusively. We will issue your card on the spot.
Where can I use my card to earn and redeem the points?
You may use your card to earn and redeem the points at any of the b hotels throughout Japan.
What happens to the points if I lose my card?
The points will be lost as well. However, we will be happy to issue a new card for you at any of the b hotels.
When can I receive the points?
The points will be added upon check-in. If you would like to use your points, please let us know at the same time.
Can you combine points given on multiple cards?
We apologize that we cannot combine points given on more than one card.
I did not bring my card. Can I receive the points the next time I stay?
Unfortunately we are not be able to do so. We apologize for any inconveniences.
Can I receive the total points earned for a group tour reservation?
The points will be earned for your individual stay, not for the whole group.
Can I use my points for my hotel bill?
Yes, you may use your points for a discount on your hotel stay. The redemption starts from 500 points for 500 yen with inclement of 100 points.
When I use my points as a part of my payment, will I receive any points?
Yes, we will give you the points for the total hotel stay related cost.
I want to make sure that the points I received before 2016/7/1 are converted correctly. How can I check it?
Please let any of the front desk representatives know. Please allow us to take a few days to check how many points you have.
When will my points expire?
The points will be expired after one year from the last day that the points were given.

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